• Unscented vs Fragrance Free

    Unscented vs Fragrance Free

    Generally speaking, if a product is made with scented ingredients, and additional ingredients are added to neutralize that aroma, you end up with an unscented product which is marketed as such. It still contains the fragrance chemicals, though neutralized.  The chemicals used to neutralize fragrance in skin care products can be harmful.  If an item […]

  • Working at Home vs The Office

    Working at Home vs The Office

    The biggest difference between working at home or working at the office is quality of life; and it’s not the same for every person. Working at home means freedom, less time commuting, and fewer expenses. While working at the office means connecting and collaborating with co-workers, fewer distractions, and simply working in a “professional” environment, […]

  • Should I Walk or Run?

    Should I Walk or Run?

    Walking and running are two very good cardio exercises. The question of whether you should walk or run depends mainly on your abilities and your goals. Running is ideal if… Walking is perfect if… Are you in shape? Most injuries happen because a person will take on more than they can handle. Before you decide […]

  • Should I Contact My Ex Or Not?

    Should I Contact My Ex Or Not?

    Calling your ex vs not calling will determine whether you are going to eventually get your loved one back. While you may have an overwhelming urge to contact them now, rest assured, that’s the worst possible idea. Nothing you say is going to change the situation, but everything you say can make it worse – […]

  • Propane, Natural Gas, or Charcoal Grill?

    Propane, Natural Gas, or Charcoal Grill?

    The big difference between propane, natural gas and charcoal is not one thing in particular. When shopping for a grill, you are going to be motivated by many things. Price, ease of use, durability, and quality of food are the main factors people consider when buying a new grill. Here is the good and not […]